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TYPO3 Websites

More and more companies and public institutions opt for the CMS TYPO3. If you have also decided to implement TYPO3, we can support you as an experienced TYPO3 service provider to make your TYPO3 website a success in reality.



TYPO3 Project Workflow

A typical TYPO3 project at Connecta AG is structured in 5 steps:

Step 1: Workshop

In a workshop together we work out the objectives and approaches for your TYPO3 project. We determine your demand and consult you in respect of the optimal configuration of your system.

Step 2: Design

Design and development of a modern web layout customized for the target group and in consideration of the CI.

Step 3: Technical Implementation

During the installation and configuration process, as well as while programming all types of TYPO3 extensions, we always make sure to comply with the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines in order to assure optimal maintainability.

Step 4: Hosting

Depending on the size and requirements of your TYPO3 environment we develop together with you the optimal hosting solution. From a simple TYPO3 shared hosting to a highly available TYPO3 cluster system.

Step 5: Training

Depending on your needs, we train TYPO3 developers, administrators or editors in our training classrooms or if desired, also on your premises.

What speaks in the favor of TYPO3?

TYPO3 is the only Open Source CMS that complies with the requirements of an Enterprise CMS. Additionally, it can be intuitively operated, it is future-proof and surprisingly cost-efficient.

Winning arguments for TYPO3

What speaks in the favor of Connecta AG?

Long-standing expertise, intersectoral knowledge, and customer-oriented internet solutions make Connecta AG a successful Web Design & Internet Agency.

Winning arguments for Connecta AG

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Success Story

Referenz Edumeres

The portal was created on the basis of TYPO3 by the developers of Connecta AG in close collaboration with the Georg-Eckert-Institute and has been continuously refined since then.

  • Research Access
  • Forum, Blog, and Comments to discuss scientific questions
  • File Management System



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