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TYPO3 Intranets

The application of the TYPO3 Intranet in daily business life is versatile: We develop a customized system according to your requirements that can be utilized for communicating appointments, knowledge management, best practice databases or for continuing education (e.g. E-Learning).


TYPO3 Intranets

Connecta AG develops TYPO3 Intranets for its clients in order to assure an optimal information flow.

TYPO3 Intranet Service

Here are a few functional examples: Customized research functions

  • Document management functions (DMS)
  • Users from LDAP sources
  • Personalization functions
  • Integration of XML sources
  • Additionally, Connecta AG offers a seminar that enables your employees to independently develop and maintain a TYPO3 Intranet.

See: TYPO3 Intranet Training

What speaks in the favor of TYPO3?

TYPO3 is the only Open Source CMS that complies with the requirements of an Enterprise CMS. Additionally, it can be intuitively operated, it is future-proof and surprisingly cost-efficient.

Winning arguments for TYPO3

What speaks in the favor of Connecta AG?

Long-standing expertise, intersectoral knowledge, and customer-oriented internet solutions make Connecta AG a successful Web Design & Internet Agency.

Winning arguments for Connecta AG

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Success Story

Referenz BKM Intranet

An Intranet was developed on the premises of BKM on the basis of TYPO3 according to the requirements of various operating departments.

  • Merging of Different Systems
  • Data Imports from Parallel Information Systems
  • Single-Signon Zugriff