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An extract of our customer list:


TYPO3 Consulting

As a respected TYPO3 Internet Agency we support and consult our customers about all questions regarding the CMS TYPO3. We issue feasibility studies and act as consultants during the configuration process and proper planning of your TYPO3 website or TYPO3 Intranets and Extranets.


TYPO3 Feasibility Studies

Do you have particular or unusual requirements for your planned project? Maybe you have a new idea but are not sure how to implement it?
Don't hesitate to contact our consultants, and we will prepare a detailed feasibility study for you including specific solution proposals.

TYPO3 Security Consulting

Nobody can afford weak points in the system security. We plan and thoroughly check your TYPO3 system in order to protect your sensitive data from breaches.

TYPO3 Specification Sheet

We create specific and detailed specification sheets that explicitly describe your requirements. That way you can solicit serious and binding quotations and make costs more transparent. A specification sheet protects you from unpleasant surprises that can arise during or after an insufficiently designed project.

TYPO3 Audit

We analyze your web applications in regard to technical quality, security, and update ability, and prepare an elaborate report for you.


Success Story

Referenz Lustiges Taschenbuch

The LTB is the German-language comic publication of the Walt Disney characters Micky Maus, Goofy or Donald Duck and is one of the top-selling and most popular comics in Germany.

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