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TYPO3 Update Service

TYPO3 Support

A TYPO3 update to the strongly improved TYPO3 4.4.X leads to performance improvements and a higher user friendliness (e.g. through a completely revised design of the back-end) so that your work flow is optimized.

Connecta AG updates your existing system and exclusively applies the latest versions of TYPO3 for new projects.


TYPO3 Security and Maintenance Updates

We fix errors (bug-fixes) that interfere with the operation of the TYPO3 system, revise and close security holes, and arrange for your TYPO3 system to perform in an optimal way.

Functional Updates

We check your TYPO3 extensions in regard to their functionality and perform updates and adjustments where required.

Cleanup and Application of Settings

If you wish, deleted pages and content from your TYPO3 system will be removed when performing an update in order to keep your system lean.

We also add your personal system settings so that your work environment feels familiar to you right away.

Your Benefits by Updating

  • No security holes
  • Optimal performance
  • Optimal user friendliness
  • No website breakdown

Are you interested in our TYPO3 Update Service?

Please get in touch with us. We will happily answer any inquiries or provide you with an individual and non-binding solution proposal.

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Success Story

Referenz BKM Intranet

An Intranet was developed on the premises of BKM on the basis of TYPO3 according to the requirements of various operating departments.

  • Merging of Different Systems
  • Data Imports from Parallel Information Systems
  • Single-Signon Zugriff