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TYPO3 Support

TYPO3 Support

Connecta AG provides a comprehensive and personalized TYPO3 support on the basis of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and maintenance agreements respectively.

TYPO3 support includes the following: TYPO3 monitoring, TYPO3 end-user support, TYPO3 backups, TYPO3 security updates.


TYPO3 End-User Support

We support your employees with potential issues and questions and make sure that you benefit from our  TYPO3 expertise all the steps of the way. Furthermore, we fix possible errors (bug-fixes) that interfere with the operation of the TYPO3 system.

TYPO3 Backup

Depending on the requirements we provide multilevel backups separated by location and assure that your TYPO3 website can be restored at any time.

TYPO3 Updates

As soon as necessary TYPO3 security updates are published, they are immediately installed by administrators of  Connecta AG. That way a high degree of security is guaranteed for your  TYPO3 system. Additionally, we perform complete TYPO3 version updates.


TYPO3 Maintenance & Monitoring

We host your TYPO3 CMS and monitor all critical system processes 24/7. Should a problem arise, we will directly inform you and take the necessary steps in the scope of the TYPO3 Maintenance Agreement.


Are you interested in an individual TYPO3 support solution?

Please get in touch with us. We will happily answer any inquiries or provide you with an individual and non-binding solution proposal.  Contact Us



Success Story

TYPO3 Referenz WDR

Connecta AG completely implemented the website of WDR 3 with the CMS TYPO3. In order to live up to the high standards of WDR multiple TYPO3 extensions were developed and customized for this specific TYPO3 project.

  • Integration of extensions for search engine optimization
  • WDR TV with information about WDR TV programs
  • WDR Radio with information about WDR radio programs
  • TYPO3 Cluster-Hosting