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TYPO3-managed Server

Our TYPO3-managed servers are designed for sophisticated TYPO3 projects.

They dispose of a high performance server environment with HP hardware (min. 2 GB RAM, Quad-Core Processors SAS- Hot-Swap Hard Drives / RAID1, etc.) and are located at a computer center in Frankfurt/Main with the highest availability and security standards.

The server facilities, monitoring, TYPO3 and operating system updates as well as backups are part of the inclusive service upon request.


Benefits of managed TYPO3 Servers:

  • optimal system adjustment to TYPO3
  • installation of TYPO3-specific updates
  • WinSCP access (instead of FTP)
  • firewall, antivirus (ClamAV), spam protection (Spamassasin)
  • backup server for maximum availability
  • realization of backups
  • accommodation in a modern computer center environment in Frankfurt/Main for maximum availability of data and applications
  • complete climate control, fire protection, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • strict access control
  • service and network monitoring around the clock
  • dedicated 24/7 business support, 24/7 emergency access
  • personal service that you can rely on!
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Success Story

Referenz BKM Intranet

An Intranet was developed on the premises of BKM on the basis of TYPO3 according to the requirements of various operating departments.

  • Merging of Different Systems
  • Data Imports from Parallel Information Systems
  • Single-Signon Zugriff



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