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TYPO3 Audits & Security Checks

TYPO3 Sicherheitsüberprüfungen

We analyze your web applications in regard to technical quality, security, and update ability. The results of the analysis will be documented afterwards and an elaborate report will be prepared for you. This report contains recommended actions for a successful TYPO3 installation.


TYPO3 Security

In line with a thorough TYPO3 security check we analyse the TYPO3 installation and included extensions. By request we analyse the server settings of the TYPO3 installation as well.

TYPO3 (X)HTML and TypoScript Check

In this work step we analyse and assess the TYPO3 installation in regard to quality and compliance of the used TypoScript and (X)HTML-output.

TYPO3 Extension-Check

If you use public or self-developed extensions in your TYPO3 installation we analyse them in terms of quality, usability, range of functions and compliance with the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines.

TYPO3 Future Reliability

We analyse the program code for intelligibility and the documentation of the code for thoroughness. Furthermore we check if changes in the TYPO3 core have had influence on the system to the point that it became limited to updates.


Are you interested in TYPO3 Audits?

Please directly contact our responsible staff for development so that we can analyze your proposition technically and make you a non-binding offer.

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The portal was created on the basis of TYPO3 by the developers of Connecta AG in close collaboration with the Georg-Eckert-Institute and has been continuously refined since then.

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