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TYPO3 Extension Programming

For almost a decade now, Connecta AG has been programming TYPO3 extensions (extensions/modules) in the scope of customer projects with the objective of realizing specific customer requirements by extending the TYPO3 system.

With the TYPO3 extension port it is possible to extend a TYPO3-driven web presence with additional client-specific functions and requirements.


Our long-standing experience in programming on the basis of the TYPO3 framework has lead us to follow the approach of reusability and to abstract special issues. Thereby we fall back to a comprehensive library of patterns and modules which enables a considerable lowering of development costs for your benefit.

Prior to the actual programming the focus is on the analysis and technical planning. A solid project result is based on a clean acquisition of requirements and functionalities of the TYPO3 extensions to be developed as well as on a technically thought-out conception. After the programming process and before going online, all extensions are required to pass an extensive quality assurance performed by our testing team.

Our upmost intention in regard to the subsequent maintainability of the TYPO3 extension is to design and program according to the Coding Guidelines of the TYPO3 Association. Technical documentation is an important part of the trade as the most critical part of the software's life cycle or TYPO3 extension starts only after going online - through maintaining, extending and customizing according to future requirements.

Examples for use cases of extensions:

  • individual database connections for exporting data from other systems into the TYPO3 front-end
  • Extensions for data collection and data presentation
  • Search engines, search forms and search applications, data cataloging
  • e-commerce extensions
  • Graphic applications, special content elements (e.g. galleries, Excel spreadsheets in the web)
  • Presentation of data e.g. charting
  • Accrual/actuarial applications
  • Recommendations/automatic recommendations of products and content

Are you interested in TYPO3 extensions?

Please get in touch with our development specialists in charge so we can analyze your plans technically without commitment on our part.

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Success Story

TYPO3 Referenz WDR

Connecta AG completely implemented the website of WDR 3 with the CMS TYPO3. In order to live up to the high standards of WDR multiple TYPO3 extensions were developed and customized for this specific TYPO3 project.

  • Integration of extensions for search engine optimization
  • WDR TV with information about WDR TV programs
  • WDR Radio with information about WDR radio programs
  • TYPO3 Cluster-Hosting