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Google AdWords Online Campaigns

Internet Marketing

When conducting an online campaign with Google AdWords it is important that you optimally utilize your advertising budget. In most cases it is worthwhile to make use of an expert's help and support for little advertising drive. The respective costs are usually exceeded by far through additional revenue.


Customized Online Campaigns

The experts at our online marketing and usability division SmartVisions create, support, and optimize your Google AdWords online campaigns.

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SmartVisions QuickCheck

Please take the SmartVisions QuickCheck and find out what potential your website has to offer. Our experts at SmartVisions will check your internet presence and provide you with a free quote for online campaigns that is customized to meet your requirements.

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Success Story

TYPO3 Referenz WDR

Connecta AG completely implemented the website of WDR 3 with the CMS TYPO3. In order to live up to the high standards of WDR multiple TYPO3 extensions were developed and customized for this specific TYPO3 project.

  • Integration of extensions for search engine optimization
  • WDR TV with information about WDR TV programs
  • WDR Radio with information about WDR radio programs
  • TYPO3 Cluster-Hosting